The Rise of Ethereum. Your Guide.

Why Is Bitcoin Worth More?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created. Anybody interested in cryptocurrency was automatically interested in Bitcoin. That gave it a head start over all cryptocurrencies that came to be later.

How Did Ethereum Increase So Much in Price?

After thousands of competitors, Ethereum has won the fight to take second place in Bitcoin’s price so far. The main thing that it provided that other coins did not was the ability to make smart contracts. That made it the obvious choice for anybody who wanted to do something with cryptocurrency other than just use a new medium of exchange.

How Do Smart Contracts Function?

Why are smart contracts such a big part of the success of a cryptocurrency? The reason is that they provide financial power that nothing else provides. With traditional contracts, execution is ultimately handled by specific people. If an individual or company is not trustworthy, then they might try to get out of enforcing a contract when it is not in their benefit to do so.

What Will Ethereum Do Next?

So, now we understand why Ethereum became so valuable by offering smart contracts. Some of the other best cryptocurrencies are now trying to provide the same functionality. The best chance for Ethereum to win the game is to make sure that it lowers its fees.

Be Prepared for the Next Ethereum Price Increase.

The cryptocurrency market has made many people millions and billions of dollars. The more you understand about the most significant coins, like Ethereum, the better you appreciate this incredible market. Some believe that a price point of $10,000 can be achieved by the end of 2021. We’ll have to wait to see.



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