Millennials Aren’t as Financially Challenged as We Think. Really.

Rapidly Rising College Tuition Fees

One of the biggest knocks on millennials is the amount of debt they put themselves into, especially as a student.[Link] Millennials have faced the burden of putting themselves through college while also experiencing the sharpest increase in tuition and related fees.

The Great Recession

Since the Great Depression, there has been no greater financial impact on the economy than the Great Recession. Unfortunately, the Great Recession came in 2008, and it severely impacted millennials’ ability to gain employment and build wealth as well.

Change in Real Wages

We’ve already examined how the increase in college tuition rapidly outpaced the growth in wages, but what was the direct effect on wages?

Why There’s Hope for Millennials

Despite a once in a generation economic slump, rapidly rising college tuition costs and crazy loan debt, and depressed real wages, there’s actually financial hope for millennials.



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