Financial Literacy is Our Gift to Future Generations.

Financial Literacy

At its core, being financially literate means that you have the ability “…to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.”[Link]

How to Determine Financial Literacy

The best way to know if someone is financially literate is to take a test. There are plenty of different financial literacy tests covering a range of up to 30 questions. The goal of these tests is to understand your knowledge of financial concepts and gauge how you would make informed and responsible decisions.

The Statistics

If you, as an adult, found it difficult to answer or even pass the financial literacy tests above, know you’re not alone.

Understanding Personal Finance is Important

Much like investing, the best time to start your financial literacy journey is as early as possible. At some point in life, adults will come face to face with many of the fundamentals involved in managing their money responsibly: risk-reward, debt, financial planning, investing, and so on.



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